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Have Fun With Chemisty: 5 Easy to Do Experiements

Have Fun With Chemisty: 5 Easy to Do Experiements

Chemistry is a subject which is fascinating and has a very rich ancient history. Discussed below are five fun things you can do with chemistry.

Making Objects Disappear

Reflection of light is made possible by visible objects. When light changes speed and direction as it passes from one object to another, refraction occurs. Putting two materials with the same reflective properties will make light pass through the objects at a constant equal speed. By so doing, one object will seemingly disappear. Glass can be made invisible by using vegetable oil and Pyrex glass. Perfecting this art makes you enjoy nature using science, specifically chemistry skills.

Hybrid Rocket Engine

Creating a homemade hybrid rocket engine during leisure time is fun. The rocket engine can be created using pasta, mouthwash and yeast. Hybrid rocket engines can propel themselves when a solid fuel source is combined with a liquid oxidizer. Being your own rocket scientist at the comfort of your home is made possible by chemistry.

Cloud in a Bottle

Creating a cloud in a bottle an easy task using simple chemistry skills. Clouds are formed when water vapor cools and condenses into water droplets which are visible. A glass jar, matches, rubber gloves, rubber band, flashlight, food colour and water are the needed supplies. It is as simple as pouring water into the jar, putting the rubber glove wrist around the jar’s mouth, try putting your hand in the glove, lighting a match and dropping it in the jar, putting your hand in the glove again and finally shining a flashlight on the jar and the cloud becomes visible. There is nothing more satisfying than using simple chemistry skills to make fun and enjoy living.

Liquid Art

The moving liquid art. Creating a moving liquid relies entirely on chemical knowledge. This is done using milk and soap. The surface tension of milk is broken down by mixing milk and dish soap. After mixing these two substances and throwing in different food colorings, the now visible liquid moves.

Rainbow in a Jar

Making a rainbow in a jar. Exploiting the difference in mass of various liquids makes this possible. A good example is that of oil and water. Oil is less dense than water and when the two liquids are mixed, oil floats on top of water. Using this concept, you can combine many liquids in a jar while adding different food colors. Refraction of light will cause an amazing multicolored arch to be formed. Many magicians perfect chemistry skills and consequently make a fortune out of simple mind-blowing exercises.