About Workshop

The workshop which was conducted was Technopreneang workshop containing theoretical and practicum lesson for the participants so that the output of the participants could become entrepreneur by applying the sciences obtained from this chemistry-based workshop. In this workshop will be adopted methods that are easily understood by the participants, interesting if practiced, can be tried in everyday life and product results are not inferior to the company’s products are sold and if later will be used for their own needs.

Participants in the workshop in addition to getting a certificate, also get the knowledge and skills that can be directly practiced during and after workshop.Workshop can be a very good learning experience and provide a great impact for participants.

Workshop …. For the Beginning of the Better Entrepreneurs!

About Open House

Open House is a Chemistry Department imaging program held by Chemistry FMIPA ITS students to the general public. Which aims to introduce the world of chemistry especially about the department of Chemistry FMIPA ITS to the general public. Open House presents new things that certainly useful and can be used as a new science for the visitors.

Info about Chemistry ITS Department, research result from ITS Chemistry lecturers, and achievements from ITS Chemistry major students will also be in this Open House. Each year the Open House concept will be updated and loaded more attractively with additional information. Suitable for those who want to know more about Chemistry or for high school siblings who want to know more about chemistry majors ITS.