About Us

Chemistry Week is the biggest event of Chemical ITS department. Initially this event consisted of the NCC and Workshop and has not formed the name Chemistry Week. And in later years the event became even more. Along with the success achieved at these events, ITS Chemistry students raised the idea of gathering small events earlier into one big event currently called Chemistry Week.

Previous Chemistry Week has not entered into the set, but in 2010, Chemistry Week made a division in the Himpunan with the name of the division of Chemistry Week. Indeed Chemistry Week is divided into 3 different sessions, namely opening session, main, and closing.

About NCC

NCC (National Chemistry Challenge) is an Olympiad organized by FMIPA Chemical Science Faculty Student Association and has become an annual agenda incorporated in Big Event ChemistryWeek. This activity has been initiated since 2009 and always make new innovations in the implementation every year. The main purpose of this activity is to hone the ability of high school students in chemistry, and to To further introduce the chemistry and its application.

The NCC was designed as a first step to follow International Chemistry Olympiad (ICO). So the NCC competition is truly prestigious and produces NCC alumnus ready to follow International Chemistry Challenge Olympiade.

The contested material is designed and designed with challenging qualities. Lecturers involved in the making of problems are lecturers who are competent in their fields. Not only lecturers are involved in making the question, but some outstanding students are also involved in it.